Bill Petty
It's All About The Groove!!

I am very pleased to announce the release of my debut CD - Wonder - featuring an underlying acoustic groove blended with a vast and varied range of influences including Southern Gospel, country, rock and name a few.

“Wonder,” the title track to the new album, came from deep within during a time of contemplating the joys in this life.   I often have to stop and wonder, "What could I have done to deserve the blessings that I’ve received thus far?”

My hope is to connect with others through the songs on this project in a way that speaks to hearts.  I have always felt that God was influencing me to write these songs and to bring them for a purpose, and that’s to speak to even just one person who can identify with the message in a song.

With the support of my  beautiful wife, Cinda, my children Eve and William, along with that of my  family and friend, an amazing dream has become reality for me, and I pray that this project will reach out to people with words of encouragement, hope and faith.